Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blog Monopolist

Not trying to corner the market on the blog, just had to share. Kate and Jake are visiting their Aunt and Uncle in Virginia with their Grandparents of the Grambo persuasion. This has resulted in Grant and Will sharing a bed for a few days. When Will isn't sleeping perpendicular to Grant they present a cute picture. (Perpendicular is Will's favorite sleeping position, the better to kick you with - I speak from sad experience - nothing like being woken up from a sound sleep by Angry Kicking Still-Asleep Boy!) Will is already anxious for his Kate and Jake to return after only 1 day.


Cindy said...

Why would you think you were a monopolist? We love it when you post pictures of your beautiful kids!

Rachel would wake up scared in the night and go climb into Jenna's bed, then do the perpendicular sleep thing. Poor Jenna. We would go in there and she would be shoved up against the wall. We finally moved their beds together so that Rachel could be near her and Jenna could still have enough space!

somestratt said...

Those are some cute boys!