Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Your Mom

I hope no one will be offended by this, but I just wanted to tell you of my experience with your mother. I never knew her in this life, but I look forward to meeting her in the next. I know that my own mother has already met and embraced her for me.

In some ways I feel like I do know her, however. In knowing her sons and daughters, and seeing her influence in their lives, I think I know her. And I know that on occasion, I have felt her Spirit in our home.

I was honored when, at one of the final Stake Relief Society Conferences I attended before we left Hendersonville, one of the Sisters in the Ward shared how two of her Visiting Teachers had touched her life in a meaningful way. It was myself and your Mom. I was so honored to be mentioned in connection with your mother.

Thank you for accepting me in your family and to share, in a vicarious way, your mother's influence.


Nanna said...

This is your Dad speaking.

I have not learned to handle the blog but I will. I do love keeping up with what is going on in the lives of my children.

I can never be thankful enough that your mother was your mother. My mother has always said, "Don't critize my methods (of raising children) till yours are grown. Only then can we compare the results." I am ready to make that comparison and I know that it was your mother who made you all what you are. I know that I had some input but by and large she is responsible for our success.

I apologize that 11 years ago I missed her so much I could not be as supportive as I should have been to each of you in your loss. In the last 11 years I have been able to see her every time I see one of you. Every one of you is so much like her in the ways that count and I am so thankful that you are.

There is a scripture that says, "I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in righteosness." I know that your mother has great joy in each of you and prays (or what ever they do "over there") and broods (the chicken brooding over her chicks definition)for you continually. Like the Savior saying, "How oft would I have gathered you like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings..." she still wraps us in her love.

Heavenly Father has been gracious to me. Not only did I and do I have your mother I have been given Ramona. And even though we (all of us) had some hard time making a "fit" of it Ramona is essentially carring on your mother's work to the best of her ability and I have learned that, like your mother, she has considerable ability. And like your mother she has a great ability to love. She also prays and broods over all of our children continually.

Since your mother died I have dreamed of her several times, mostly in times of great distress and need. In each of those dreams your mother gave me strength and understanding I needed to carry on. All but the last time.

Briefly, I met your mother on a busy street and I remember that she was dressed to the 9's, whatever that means. We sat on a bench and visited - caught up on what was going on, so to speak. She looked at her watch and said that she had to be getting on to somewhere, and no, I don't think she was running late. I asked if I could hug her goodbye and she was surprised that I would have even asked. Well,hey! I don't have a lot of experience dealing with people who have received their exaltation. Do they mess around hugging those still slugging on through mortality? I took her into my arms and, exalted or not, she put a hug onto me and kissed me like she still enjoyed kissing. As she broke the embrace and turned from me she said, "Oh, here's Ramona! and Ramona stepped into my arms and hugged and kissed me exactly the same as your mother had. As she broke the embrace - and you need to notice that in both cases they broke away, not me. I guess I'd still be ahugging and akissing them trying not to wake up. - I ended up with your mother in the crook of my left arm and Ramona in the crook of my right. (I put no significance to the sides they were on.) Each of them were standing a bit foward of me almost facing each other yacking about 99 miles an hour like two sisters who had not talked since...whenever and had a lot to catch up on. They totally ignored me in their visiting till your mother glanced at her watch and exclaimed that she really had to be going. She hugged and "pecked' me, did the same to Ramona said "Bye, now," and went swishing off down that street leaving me and Ramona standing there arm in arm watching her go.

As dreams go that one was so real that as I tell about it it's almost as if it really happened. But Ramona says she does not recall it so it must have been a dream. But I am confident that that is the way it will be

Thank you for the love you have given Ramona. (I know that as I have come to love her more I only love your mother more, too. Somehow there seems to be enough love to go around. We love you all and, like your mother, we want the best for each of you.

Hey, 41 grand children when Maria gets it done. Doesn't Cindy Riggs love that!

Sorry I toook so long. Love you all.


abstowe said...

It must be the time of year - bringing us all back to thinking of that last Christmas we were all able to spend together with mom. Can you believe it has been so very long?
I, for one will always be grateful to be like my mom and I know there is a LOT I can still learn from Ramona!