Thursday, January 1, 2009

To Know Them Was to Love Them!

Together again at last! Heaven was celebrating yesterday as our beloved Grandma and Grampa were reunited, never to be apart again. Dear, sweet Grandma Watson passed away yesterday morning about 10:31 in an Ogden hospital.

Aunt Pam said when Grandma got up yesterday morning she complained of a pain and tightness in her chest. The Paramedics were called and they transported her to the hospital where they performed an MRI and found that her aneurism had ruptured. There was nothing they could do for her.

Thankfully, she was not in a great deal of pain, and Aunt Pam and Uncle Chuck were with her when she died. She was alert when the paramedics were at the house, and when she arrived at the hospital, but by the time she had emerged from the MRI she did not seem to recognize anyone. Your Dad and I walked into the hospital just as she passed away.

We were able to spend a wonderful 2-hour visit with her on Christmas Eve. She laughed and talked, and we had a wonderful visit of memories and reminiscing. As we left I hugged her and said, "If you see Cindy or my Mom before I do, please give them a hug for me!" I'm sure she did!

We spent the rest of the day with Aunt Pam and Uncle Chuck and the others making plans for the funeral which will be held on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 in Aunt Pam's Church. We'll send you the address as soon as we know it. There will be a family reception on Friday night from 6-8:00 at the Russon Bros. Mortuary, just down the street from Aunt Pam's in Farmington. There will be another brief viewing at 1:00 Saturday, just before the funeral.

All grandsons who are in attendance will be pall bearers. All other grandsons are listed as honorary pall bearers. Also, all grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be singing "I Am a Child of God" at the funeral. It will be extemporaneous, no rehearsal necessary. Just bring yourselves and your children to the stand and everyone will sing.

We will be leaving early Monday morning to travel to the Farm. There will be another funeral held next Saturday, Jan 10th, in the Hartsville Ward. Not sure of the time yet, but we'll keep you posted. For those of you in the East, it would be wonderful to see you there if you can make it. I'm sure we will repeat "I Am a Child of God" for those of you who can be there to sing.

We are sending a spray of flowers in your names for anyone who would like to go in on them. $10.00 per family should cover the cost.

Love to all.


Cindy said...

Ramona--thanks so much for posting all of the details!

cindy baldwin said...

I really wish that we could be there. However, we are still recovering from our last trip to Utah!

somestratt said...

Ramona, I will be there in SC as soon as the plane can get me into driving distance (along with Cindy and Marg.)

abstowe said...

I'm so jealous that I even looked at plane tickets today! All of us cousins out this way sang Lori's song (yes, I actually sang this time) and it was so sad - the end of an era. I really wonder if there will ever again be occasion for all of us to be together (until we get to heaven again, that is!)