Thursday, January 29, 2009

The passing of a friend

Well, its time to mourn the passing of a really really good friend. My treadmill died yesterday. This was the treadmill that I got when i was first pregnant with Lincoln, so it was over seven years old. During that time I used it probably more than half the days. And that is averaging in the periods of time when I didn't use it. Because there were so many more periods of time when I used it every day for extended periods of time. This treadmill was part of the "big deal" when I agreed to have Lincoln and Isaac. In that agreement I got the treadmill, a trip to disneyland, a deep freeze, a finished yard, and a finished basement. It was awesome. But I can honestly say that I love and depend on my treadmill more than any other thing in the house. Except maybe the tv. I watch tv while I am on the treadmill.
So it was a healthrider S900i softstrider. It was really nice. With a carpeted track. When we replace it, it will have to be with something really heavy duty. Most of the wear and tear my treadmill experienced seemed to coincide with the times when a 250 lb man was using it often. I am not saying anything. Its just a pattern

So this is my new treadmill currently. Yesterday I did 3.2 miles on a very very snowy road. snowier than this one, but it looked like a couple cars had gone by so I ran in the tracks. And a hugomungous snow plow did come by half way through and clean it off. That was really nice. It was snowing like crazy. I had a white snow cap and my mascara was running everywhere. I am sure I was so attractive!!!! The only part of me that seems to have suffered was the inside of my ears. They felt cold after I was done. So today I will wear a hat.


somestratt said...

Oh, the spirit, the drive, the level of commitment. Poor treadmill. He just couldn't keep up with you!!!

abstowe said...

I know you will miss your treadmill greatly. Hopefully, you will not have to strike yet another "new deal" to get another one. Perhaps if you look on or freecycle you can find one that was purchased with the intention of being used (new year's resolution) and which has not lived up to it's true potential.

AmShaZam said...

You are an inspiration to us all!

AmShaZam said...

I got a used Life Fitness Treadmill because I loved them so much at the gym. Used they still cost quite a bit but they should last a very long time.