Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Dollar Cure for Hiccups LLC


Amber recently stumbled upon a foolproof method for getting rid of hiccups and if you are like us, you have probably tried all sorts of stupid stunts that never seem to work. Standing on your head, putting fingers up both nostrils, having your spouse punch you in the diaphragm... However this one method has worked instantly every time we've tried it. It is indeed, foolproof.

Now Amber, being the philanthropist she is, probably wants to just give the cure away to everyone in the world and ask only for a smooth, hiccup free "thank you" in return.

However Jeff, the entrepreneur, knows how much the pharmaceutical companies could make for a discovery of this caliber and thinks he can skim a little of the top first, so here's the deal:

I will post the secret recipe in the comments section of this blog. If you choose to click on "Comments" to learn the recipe, you will have entered into a legal contract with me to pay me $1 every time you use the method to cure hiccups.

Likewise, any person you teach the method, resulting in the curing of hiccups, must first agree to remit $1 per curing to yours truly. We will be using the honor system so just make sure to keep track of your number of uses.

Finally, if you click on comments to view the proprietary formula, we can all assume that you don't already know the cure so please, no fraudulent claims to having already known the one true cure for hiccups.

Thank you,
Jeff Watson
Owner: One Dollar Cure for Hiccups LLC


Jeffro said...

OK, Here's the cure:

1. Fill a glass up with room temperature water.
2. Hold a pencil horizontally with your lips, keeping your mouth slightly open.
3. Drink the water with the pencil in your mouth.
4. That's it, now let's watch the money start flowing! Yipeee!

AmShaZam said...

Since I found the cure, shouldn't I get a cut?

Val said...

I'll have to wait for the next bout to see if it works. Jeffro, nice album cover, have you checked out mine?

Jeffro said...

Yeah, sorry about that Val. You can photoshop my album cover and use it if you want.

Nathan and Margaret said...

I am really worried about what Amber was going when she found the cure. Amber. what were you thinking???

Jeffro said...

She's in school right now, does a lot of writing, she works out a lot, gets real thirsty, I guess one thing lead to another and whala, she stumbled onto a million dollar cure.

abstowe said...

Jeff, You are now $4 richer. congrats. I swear to NEVER tell anyone about your formula. I will just start charging them $2 and tell them to use a sharpie.