Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Food Storage 101 - What Andra Taught Me

So I like to coupon shop. Andra taught me this. I also live in an area surrounded by every kind of store...including grocery stores (7 in a 5 mile radius.) I am not posting this to make anyone feel like they should become a coupon shopper. I wanted to post because it (shopping like this) is fun and I wanted to share with my family. This is what I purchased:

4 Boxes Bisquick
4 (6pack) Dora Yogurts
4 Cake frosting
6 mashed/specialty potatoes
8 Gogurts (Brent and hunter LOVE them frozen)
4 Muffin mixes
7 boxes Granola Bars
4 brownie mixes
4 frozen veggies (don't worry...I am eating plenty of veggies. I got 10 last week for free :)
2 packs juice boxes
2 packs sponges
1 bag carrots

Total Sale Price : $112.something
Total Out of Pocket (what I actually paid) : $25.00
I love this game (especially when I am still under my grocery budget this week)


abstowe said...

Ahh, grasshoppah, you have learned well from the mastah.....
Now for your sistahs!

Jeremy and Maria said...

and a partridge in a pear tree!!!

Jeannie said...

I want more grocery stores around!
I used to save coupons, but they don't do much for me anymore!