Monday, October 26, 2009

Guess who has just turned 8!!!
You are all invited to a baptism/brunch on Halloween - Sat the 31st. 10:30 am. The baptism will be in Santaquin, 90 s. 200 E. at 10:15 am. Brunch at our hose after - let us know if you can come!


Em said...

Yay! Congratz Justin! I can't believe you are 8 already!

Maria and Jeremy said...

Congrats Justin!!!!

We are planning on coming down but we won't be able to give the final word until Thursday.

Nanna said...

We're hoping to be there. Count us in. What can we bring?

Cindy said...

Dang--I really want to come to brunch at your hose!!

abstowe said...

Ramona - Just bring Dad. I have the food covered.
Cindy - you may come have lunch at my hose any time! You may get a bit wet.
Sam and Emily - holy cow - I WISH you were coming so we could hold the new bundle!!!!!
Jeremy - let us know

AmShaZam said...

We'll be there!