Friday, October 30, 2009

new favorite picture.

Last night before we delivered the beautiful Kayla to the nursery for a good night of sleep, she decided she was not going softly into that good nursery. I was wicked tired from my ordeal (yes, this is Sam, and I'm comparing the trial of labor to caretaking my beautiful Emily (so that's where sleep deprivation comes from!!!)
So, with a crying baby, i decided i wanted to lay down...
so i did.
And she has never looked so aware, awake, and happy. Yes, boys and girls, This is Daddy's little girl.
She has similiar feelings to her GrandFolks too.


Apache Watsons said...

Having your tiny new babies nap on your chest in one of the mostest cherisheristest things you can imagine.

Maria and Jeremy said...

yah they happy to sleep on you, you happy to sleep at all. Chest nappin is next to Godliness..... something like that.