Friday, October 30, 2009

Fast for Cindy Lynn

Cindy Lynn is in the hospital again at the UofU. We are asking that this weekend when you have the fast that you consider asking for the following for her.

- that she will get better
- that the doctors will figure out what is going on
- that if she needs more than 2 weeks of IVs that the doctors will accept it


p.s. And a HUGE THANK YOU to Laila for helping her get to the hospital and standing up for her in her time of need.


Cindy said...

Laila is the best. We all already knew that. But seriously, people, if you are going to go to the ER, she is the one you want to take with you!

somestratt said...

Haha. I think it was just PMS. Brent is not an ER doctor, but he got on my wrong side yesterday...not a pretty picture. Thank the hormones!

Russ said...

Well than those hormones were blessed indeed. They came just at the right time.

CL tells me that she had good news from the doc. They are agreeable (today at least) to her doing a week of IVs at home. So thanks to all that fasted.