Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family Christmas Party

Hey, Family!

We haven't heard any plans for getting together for Christmas this year. We're trying to coordinate plans in several directions and wanted to make sure we can fit everything in. What do you think about getting together on Monday, Dec. 21st for Family Home Evening for dinner and gift exchange? We could come down south if someone wants to host it, or if you guys would come, we could do it up here. But it might make it late getting back home on a school night, and we're a bit cramped for space. But we could do it if you want to come.

Another option is coming up here mid-afternoon on Saturday, Dec 19th. We could have lunch, then everyone could get back home before dark.

Another option is doing something between Christmas and New Years. We're just not sure if we'll be here - we might be heading East to see the family. Not sure yet.

Let us know what you think.

Love you,

DAD and Ramona


somestratt said...

Hey, I think we would really enjoy something Dec 19th. That way we wouldn't feel rushed and could get in some good time together. My house us up if anyone wants to do it here.

abstowe said...

I vote the 19th too, sometime not too late in the day. We could start early, do an early dinner, then visit some and not have to stay up too late!
Unfortunately, Jeff's house is the most central. Jeff - Do I hear you volunteering?
If not, we can come here!

Cindy said...

I vote that everyone joins Ben & Jenny and Mahon & Cindy Lynn at our house for New Year's Eve!!

Nanna said...

How about if we plan on about 4:00 at either Laila's or Andra's house on Saturday the 19th?

Apache Watsons said...

If we change it to JAnuary 19th, we MAYYYY be able to make it.

Nanna said...

So - what's been decided about the Family Christmas Party? Are we having one this year? Somebody let us know, OK? Love you all.