Thursday, December 24, 2009

ARRIVED, SAFE, less crosseyed and snowy

WERE HERE, Were alive, We are doing well and finally have internet and phone service HERE ARE THE DIGITS!

Jeremy and Maria
141 Beechwood Circle
Hendersonville NC 28739

Jeremy Cell: (828)545-3785
Maria Cell: (828)545-7142
House Phone:(828)435-0194
Addie turned 1 year old yesterday, Which was cute
The business is running right along. And we are happy doing it.

I have been Called as Ward mission leader.
The bishopric of Hnedersonville was reorganized. Jerry Hyder new bishop, Larry Shelton first counselor.

We got 6 inches of snow but on the top of laurel park mountain did not loose power for 7 days like the last time snow fell this hard.

We are happy healthy and having fun.

Addie is probably going to have surgery within the 6 months to fix the crosseyed thing. We have seen the best in the south east he works out of Asheville WOO HOO

That is all for now. If anyone needs us CALL HOME because our cell phones dont get great coverage on top of the mountain.

Love Jeremy and Maria


somestratt said...

Yeay! You're alive! I love the picture you found. Makes me miss the mountains. Maybe we will visit you someday!

Jeremy said...

Lol, we love it here but miss all of you. However that is the price we paid. See you all soon.