Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Fon-don't

Russ and I had the great idea to celebrate New Year's Eve with a fondue party. Our guests were awesome:

Cindy Lynn & Mahon,

Ben and his cool wife Jenny,

and Jeremy and the lovely Maria
and cute Addie.

As you might be noticing from the previous pictures, while our guests were great the fondue had some problems.

It was thick and un-dippable and stringy. Yummy, but not cooperative. Luckily Ben had the brilliant idea of using the kitchen shears to cut it...

S0 much for dipping things!

Fortunately for all the chocolate dessert fondue turned out much better!


abstowe said...

How in the heck did you get all my people? Send them back!!!!!

somestratt said...

Yeay for fondue! We did fondue too. Our cheese was dipable, but slightly grainy. Still delish. It looks like a great party!

Cindy said...

Andra--I was just so glad to have some Watson people here, especially on a year when our Durham "family" have left us!

Laila--there must be a secret that we are somehow lacking...

Jeremy said...

It was a Blast indeed. Love you guys. were back safe in Hendersonville now.

abstowe said...

Anyone notice that Ben was true to form? CUTTING THE CHEESE??????