Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Blog to Follow

We've just started Levi's mission blog. The address is I was wondering if Cindy could go ahead and put the link on the blog. We already got an email from him. It was short but sounded really happy :) Its on the blog on the Argentina page!


Dav said...

Hi family! I crept over to say hi! It was great to see Uncle John recently and his appearance made me think about all of you... well not ALL of you because there's just too many to think about- okay his appearance made me think of about 4 or 5 of you.

Hope your branch of the family had a great Thanksgiving and you should come see me in Kentucky (not Val, me). You can even sleep on an old, stained futon if you do!

Love, the favorite Cousin (or first cousin once removed or cousin-in-law or whatever),
Dav (Chuck's baby)

Val, just Val said...

I don't know if it's Levi or not but doesn't Joseph look really uncomfortable with that hug?