Thursday, October 25, 2007

New baby Evan

For those of you who managed to miss it, I was pregnant recently for the 8th time. Just thought I would share the final misery with the lot of you, especially those who live far far away.

Thankfully, my doctor agreed to induce me on Matthew's
birthday. Notice how HAPPY I am in that picture! Bob and I had
a really fast party for Matthw before heading off to the hospital.

Two hours after the induction started, Evan James Stowe was born, weighing in at 8 lbs, 2 oz.

Now it has been a month, and I am remembering with fondness the peace and quiet of the hospital and the teeny tiny new baby....

Who probably weighs 11 lbs. by now!


Cindy said...

So cute!! Now we want you to post house pictures too!

abstowe said...

I will get there, I just didn't want it to look like I love my house more than my cute baby!