Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Just for those of you who haven't heard the latest, I (Grant) have decided to trade in my stripes and go through the rigorous and painful Officer Candidate Program to become a second lieutenant. It's a step forward in pay but more than anything, it is a big step up for my family and a better experience serving over seas. Another motivator which is no small thing is the fact that a bunch of guys at work that I feel are substandard performers have followed Ben into the Warrant Officer ranks. I don't want to be junior to suckas, so officer is the way to go.
Sage is full gear into her new craft business. She's got quite a bit of talent and has finally decided to do what she loves; make cool things that other men's wives can't say no to.

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Cindy said...

I agree that Sage is talented. I want to paint a cabinet and distress it as per Sage's directions...but I'm worried that I won't do it as well!

So does this mean that you will go back to Afghanistan or Iraq? Or were you going to have to go back anyway and this will make it better?