Thursday, October 25, 2007

P.G. Watsons

So I'm typing my midterm paper and decide to break up the monotony by checking my e-mail. And look here! An opportunity for more writing! Jeff (the bald uncle who apparently holds the key to our family identity) is working, working and working. And, on Tuesday nights, he goes to scouts and then to volleyball. He was voted 'Most Improved Player' on our ward team. Elaina just had four teeth pulled to make way for her brand-new, big-girl teeth, earning her the new nickname (which she hates) Yank-y Doodle. Carter has been on such good behavior in Kindergarten that he earned a token, with which he can "purchase" toys from a machine in the office. He came home today with a pocket-sized ninja. What more could a little buster want than a ninja that can be with him always? As for me, I took a French exam today, I'm getting my fiction piece workshopped tomorrow, I'm defending my research paper in History of the English Language on Friday, and I'm writing a midterm, which is also due Friday. I'm also doing final edits for my internship with the literary journal. Does that make any of you who are done want to go back to school?

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Cindy said...

Great picture! I just love that you can click on them and see them up close. What are the bushes with yellow flowers in front of your porch? Are they evergreen? Very pretty.

No, you do not make me want to go to school AT ALL! I have no idea what I will be when I grow up, I can't imagine every wanting to teach in a public school. But I also can't imagine going back to school with kids at home! But hey, You Go Girl!

PS--I want to read your fiction. please!