Thursday, October 25, 2007

We are really having a lot of fun with this
house building thing. We are so glad to have a contractor that works really fast, and who looks out out for us. In this picture, they were pouring the floor in our basement. I was busy taking pictures and the contractor pointed out that Matthwe was busy throwing rocks into the newly poured cement. Yikes!!!

For those interested, the windows you are looking at are those of the guest bedrooms. There will be a bathroom in between, and the big main room is the family/pool table room that Bob has always dreamed of. The room behind the builder is a storage room that has a back staircase leading down to it. We will probably use it for wood/water storage.

Thankfully, Dave did not mind walking into the wet cement, cleaning out the rocks and making it look pretty again.

I have spent a lot of time outside with the little boys watching cool things like the cement pumper truck. This is when they were pouring the basement walls of the house.

Thanks to Marg, we all had a great time skating on the new cement before the basement walls went up.

This is the house, minus the garage walls. It is really a lot of fun to see it go up. The window to the left of the front door is the small living room. To the right of the door is the baby room/craft room. The further two windows to the right are master bedroom windows. The garage will be to the left of the living room.
I hope I am not boring you guys to death. Every day or two I'll put up more progress on the house. We are so excited that we just assume everyone else wants to see it step by step too!


Cindy said...

Andra, I just love seeing your pictures! I am almost as excited for you to have a new house as I would be for me to have a new house. Except wait--I don't want to move, so I'm *more* excited for you to have a new house. Keep the pictures coming, and don't worry--we know you're happier about the new baby.... ;)

Jamesthebond said...

Wow! You guys got to skate IN your house!