Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun Summer

I was going through some pictures and found some from this very eventful summer!

Will and Matthew were being helpful rolling out pizza dough. They were even taking turns!
When we turned around for a second, we had cute tire tracks from the tractor in the dough.
Grandpa Doc and Nanna came for a night and it was fun to have even more people together!

Cindy and kids came to visit on the way to Utah and on the way back.
We had an enjoyable summer. We are sorry we were not able to come to the beach this year but were glad we were able to see a few of you!


abstowe said...

Tag, you are it! When are you coming out this way next time?

Cindy said...

Jeannie--it is so cool that you guys live in just the right spot to get lots of visitors! I am jealous!