Thursday, October 30, 2008

Only in Genola


Russ said...


Ok that really caught me. How does a turtle that big go missing?

Cindy said...

Ok, I am totally LOL. I mean--really, really loud!

First, who *has* an 80 lb turtle?? Second, where was it living that it escaped?

I have to say from my recent personal experience sometimes turtles can move faster than you expect. The one we found a couple of weeks ago was only alone by the front porch for an hour, and we never could find him after that....

abstowe said...

We saw this sign on Sunday and laughed so hard we were both in tears.
"Hey, that's no volkswagon, it's a turtle!"
"Wait, maybe it's a really big speed bump"
"Would you believe, I just let it out in the yard to eat and before I knew it, he was running so fast I just couldn't catch him"!

AmShaZam said...

And how did the owners not see him escaping??? For the hour it took to cross the yard??

Nathan & Margaret said...

Oh this is too good! I can't imagine a turtle is the type of beastie that could find its way home or anything.

When the horses go missing, I go after them with a bucket of oats, what do you use for an 80 lb turtle? Bucket o slugs?