Monday, April 13, 2009

Guess Who Came to Dinner

Uncle Chuck, Uncle Mark, and dad.

When dad told me Friday morning that he was leaving the farm early Saturday morning to fly out of Raleigh I suggested that it would be easier on his body (so thoughtful of me!) if he came and spent the night at my house Friday night, and only had a 1 hour drive (instead of 3) to the airport Saturday morning. I even offered to get out of bed super early and drive him to the airport myself. (Now that is real love!)

Late Friday afternoon he called to say that he was leaving the Farm and would be taking me up on my offer, and that he was bringing Uncle Chuck with him. It turned out that Uncle Mark was the one doing the driving so he came too. They arrived and I fed them a late dinner and we sat and chatted. Uncle Mark had planned to get back on the road that night (to drive back to Utah) but I persuaded him that he could save money by staying and that I had plenty of beds available.

It was such a fun evening. We ate decadent chocolate pie (thanks to my friend Alisyn) and talked and talked and talked. Did you know that there's a theory that FDR committed suicide? Neither did I, but once Uncle Mark hitchhiked with a man who's son had worked for the secret service and saw it. Fascinating! Do you think that Emma endured to the end? I don't know, but there were some strong and interesting opinions expressed. Why did Joseph Smith run for president? Now I know! Did you know that there's some question as to whether or not Barak Obama was born in the US? (Which would change his eligibility to be president.) I do now!

Whatever heaven is like, I hope it includes plenty of time to associate with the people we love...


abstowe said...

there is just nothing quite as good as siblings. Now THAT is something you would have never caught me saying 25 years ago!

Val, just Val said...

It is amazing how much I enjoy spending time with Dad's siblings. They are a good bunch of people.