Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jenna's Song

When Cindy Lynn puts the little kids to bed she sings to them. It reminds me of when I used to sing to Laila when I put her to bed when she was little, which she probably doesn't remember at all!

Cindy Lynn always sings a couple of songs from this Kenneth Cope CD that we have & love. Jenna surprised me recently by telling me that she wants to sing this song in the upcoming primary talent show. I was really astounded at how well she knows it--it's a long and complicated song. I posted this on my blog, but I'm putting it here so that everyone who wants to see my cute Jenna can see her!

PS--This song is called the Bridge, and it's by a Christian artist who's name I can't remember right now.


abstowe said...

Oh Cindy,
That was so precious, I have tears in my eyes. Tell Jenna that she did a fabulous job and that I will show this to my girls tomorrow. I bet they will be so impressed too! I can't believe she knew all of the words and stayed on tune so well!
Who knew, way back when she was a dark headed little baby that she would turn out so great!

somestratt said...

She is so cute! Honestly, I got teary eyed.

abstowe said...

glad it was not just me!

Em said...

That was really sweet.