Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pictures of the "finished product"

FINALLY! Here are the picture of our house, staged and ready.

Living Room (first room with front door)

Living room

Living room looking into newly staged dining room

Dining room from stairs

Main Floor bedroom / Home office

Sitting area in office

Kitchen/Family Room

Pantry (doors finally on)

Just built the self over the microwave

REcognize the "cafe" sign? This is one of my favorite places at the big windows in the kitchen

Upstairs half bath built in

Upstairs half bath (ignore the little pink sign)

Boys bedroom (crib removed - should I take out the recliner too?)

Girls bedroom
Pictures of my bedroom and bathroom are to come. They weren't finished yet.


Nanna said...


It looks fabulous! Doesn't it make you wish you had done this a long time ago?! By the way, before you post these pictures, be sure to remove the Windex and mop from the dining room picture!

I've been amazed how many people post pictures of their homes for sale with dirty dishes stacked in their sink and on the cupboards. I guess they are just used to seeing their houses like that and don't even notice it in the pictures.

Your Dad is still GO for picking up your car on April 13th. When are you guys leaving to come here? Can't wait to see you!

Nanna said...

One more thing, Laila. Is there any way you could beg, steal or borrow a coffee table for the living room? Also, put the front legs of the sofa about 6 inches over the edge of the carpet. It would help to anchor the sofa and chair and make it look less like you've just thrown down a rug there. Just a suggestion. It looks terrific!

AmShaZam said...

So, does it sort of make you wish you could live in it, now that all the renovations are complete? That looks like so much work! And, it's beautiful.

Nathan and Margaret said...

I can't believe that you guys are halfway acrossed the country by now! Its so amazing. I am looking forward for your new life to start. Maybe not so much for the uncomfortable middle part, but after it really gets going.

Apache Watsons said...

GREAT!! Now sell that shack and get back here!!