Saturday, August 8, 2009

can someone do the math for me?

This morning, I called Dad to talk for just a moment. He told me that Ramona had run into Jared Shelton and his wife in Park City. Jared lives in Etowah (i googled it... looks wrong, spelled right) North Carolina.
Ramona Lives somewhat closer in Smithfield, UT.
Anyone care to guess the odds of one of my best friends growing up being recognized by my Step-Mom in Park city on a sidewalk?
Went to visit them this evening. Awesome time.
Poor puppy, though... he didn't get to go. we'll need to go somewhere interesting till 2 tomorrow. How about some ideas?
-Sam and Buddy,
p.s. Em is in Colorado, for her mom's Birthday present.


abstowe said...

Sam -
The reservoir up ogden canyon is pretty interesting, AND that is where we will all be! Call one of us for the address, bring your lunch and your dog and we will see you there!!

Val said...

Sam, the odds are 12 to 1 against.