Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LOCH NESS and Hawaii?

FIRST OFF: so turns out you can see "Nessy" from google earth. Freaky eh? So.... who believes its an actual creature.

OK SO WE ARE COMING BACK TO UTAH. For several Days. Then looks like we are shipping off to either Iowa or Hawaii. I know I know, your all saying. IOWA!!!!! but that's where you were born, what a fantastic opportunity for you to touch base with your roots. You can see the room where you were birthed!!!! Also the long Iowa winter would be so good for sales!!! Blue surf, sunny year round 1.8 million population Hawaii BAHHHHH!, So we will be leaving to one of these 2 Places next Tuesday or Wednesday

WE WOULD LOVE TO GET together with everyone individually but instead anyone feel like hosting a family party? eh eh? I would but Were pretty much nomads at this point not even a rented appartment. WHOEVER hosts the family party gets to come visit us in HAWAII!!!!! we'll have a 2 bedroom appartment for you to crash in. Eh eh? LET US know,

WE will be there FRIDAY through TUESDAY of next week.

Love you all Jeremy and Maria.
-author jeremy


Em said...

Hawaii?!? wowza! Is this for next summer? Or does this mean you don't have school and aren't coming back?

abstowe said...

I vote for a Sunday night get together, and I will host it if no one else volunteers. The upside is that I don't have to drive anywhere, the down side is that you ALL would have to drive here. So - anyone else want to host? Laila? Amber? Sage? Will you stay with us too, so we can spoil your baby rotten?
And what in the world - BYU is not in ia or Hi!

abstowe said...

I have been outbid. The dinner will be at Laila's new house. She has no internet, but at least everyone can kind of start planning......

Maria and Jeremy said...

That sounds great. We are still in transit. We will be there lailas sunday night.