Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reunion Pictures (pt. 2)

On Sunday morning we got up bright and early and headed into Salt Lake to see Music and the Spoken Word. Russ & I watched Andra's little boys so that they could go into the broadcast; we watched from a "family friendly" theater. But first I walked the boys around to wear them out a little before the broadcast. They were fascinated by the fountain.

I'm not sure how much good the walking around did; besides ensuring that a bunch of Conference Center volunteers fussed at me for walking around, the boys still only sat still for 15 minutes of the broadcast. I was exhausted by the end of the 30 minutes! Andra is definitely my new hero.

After the broadcast we went up on the roof. I've never seen 26 Watsons in an elevator before!
\The kids were fascinated to see that there were fountains on the roof.

After we had the tour our tour guide took a group picture for us.

Then we walked down to the reflecting pool on the plaza in front of the temple for more pictures.

What a beautiful morning!


abstowe said...

Really - Who needs their own camera when Cindy is around? I'm gonna steal these pics as my very own!

Nanna said...

The poor man standing behind Andra in the elevator got smushed! We told him he could be an honorary member of the Watson family but he declined :( Wonder why!

Hey, I didn't know Val was there! Look at the picture of the family group in front of the Temple. Isn't that Val standing there in is sunglasses next to Grampa?! Robby, you look just like your big handsome Uncle Val! (Must be the genes!)

Cindy said...

Andra--glad to oblige! Although I've decided that on this vacation I didn't hand the camera off often enough... :(