Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reunion Pictures (pt. 1)

Our family reunion in Park City this year was supposed to include watching this:

And doing this.

As you know, the morning that we were supposed to meet in Park City for a day of fun in the sun there was an obvious hiccup. Total pouring rain. And temperatures much colder than normal. We couldn't believe it--the Saturday before our big Watson reunion had been freezing cold, and now our day in Park City was obviously a no-go.

We frantically called back and forth trying to figure out what our best alternatives were. Museums, aquarium, praying for sunshine, etc. We finally decided on a place called Hollywood Connection Family Fun Center in Salt Lake. Because we had so many people we got a great group discount--unlimited passes for $9 each. (Which means we saved a lot of money from our Park City plan!)

We had a great day at Hollywood Connections. It was fun to see so many Watsons in the lines and on the rides.

The bumper cars were probably the best I've ever ridden on, and we had a great time bashing into each other!

We also enjoyed the ride on the Magic Bus.

But what's not to like about a ride that sounds like this?

There was a magician that performed throughout the day. Rachel was lucky enough to be chosen as his assistant, and he pulled lots of quarters out of her ears. She was pretty amazed, and a very cute assistant.

After the magic show we all went to ride the small roller coaster.

Then the little kids all took a few rides on the carousel.

Jason and Robby went and bought ice cream, and the cute little clerk must have thought they were cute too--because they got great big waffle cones for the single cone price! We thought that maybe there was a special going on, but no--when we went for ice cream we had to pay the regular price.

Here are Evan and Cole giving each other the eye.

The kids were excited that they could use their new roller blades in the skating rink.

I was pretty excited that they had socks for sale in the vending machines!

Later in the afternoon we all headed up to Park City and our hotel there. At one point there were only two people in the pool that weren't Watsons.

Here is Grant with his two younger girls, Scarlet and Lizzie. They have such beautiful eyes!

Here is our pool full of Watsons. Dad was one proud dad/grandpa sitting and watching this.


abstowe said...

Awesome post! I was wondering if anyone had any good pictures. Shoulda known!

Apache Watsons said...

Couldn't help but noticing how purty that Jenny Watson is!! Way to go, Ben!!!

Jeffro said...

Couldn't help but notice how pretty Jeff Watson is in this picture. Way to go Amber!