Monday, March 2, 2009

computer Help

OK all you wise, knowledgable computer geeks. What is the best mobile broadband access plan available? We are looking at the Verizon PC card and access plans, but they are hugely expensive and require a 2-year commitment for the least expensive plan. Are any of you using one and can you give us some info about it?

Love you

DAD and Ramona


abstowe said...

That is so funny, Bob was wishing for an air card just last night. He would like to be able to babysit his 401K a little bit more easily while at work. I always think it would be nice while traveling cross country! So often I find myself thinking ....If Only I could just look that up on the internet.

Em said...

just heard of this. maybe it'd do.

Val said...

If you have Sprint service in your area you might try a Sprint plan with unlimited data and "tether" your phone to your laptop. Make sure you have good coverage.

Jeffro said...

Ask your current provider about getting a data plan on your phone and tethering to your laptop. This way you can use the Internet on your phone or on a computer when necessary. Also, it won't change your contract, only your price.

Tethering can usually be done with a USB cable or bluetooth.