Friday, March 6, 2009

Here Be Dragons

OK, maybe not dragons, but there were definitely whales in the waters in Maui. Cindy and I just got back from 10 wonderful days sin niños. And just to show that we actually were there and the whale picture didn't come from the internet this is us after a fabulous breakfast (because that was all we could afford there, don't even look at the dinner menu without pirate booty) at a country club golf course.

We drove what we decided was the state car for Hawaii, which was a sweet ride (I need a mid-life crisis now).

We went to the top of Haleakala (the volcano for those that don't speak Hawaiian) and saw a nice sunset and stole a kiss.

And we did a LOT of snorkeling at "The Dumps" (yes it really is called that). It was windy while we were there, so lots of places we had planned on snorkeling were too choppy. This place didn't get choppy until the afternoon each day, so we went there every day that we snorkeled. We were chatting with someone that lives there most of the winter and they said this was the best place on Maui to snorkel. We swam with the turtles and saw TONS of tropical fish, the occasional eel, and the great Humuhumunukanukaapua'a. But this is the only snorkeling picture we had (we forgot to take pictures while we were snorkeling).

Lastly, we saw some awesome displays of nature in the huge crashing waves. For those of you that haven't experienced this, heavenly fireworks are made by huge waves crashing into huge rocks. They make quite a spectacular show to watch.

Sorry you all missed it, it was fabulous. Let us know when the Watson reunion in Maui is scheduled so we can get our snorkel gear ready!


somestratt said...

Ok, all those pictures were drool worthy, but that one with the whale was AMAZING! Hunter loved it too!

Em said...

water hitting rocks... fireworks??? looks awesome.

Cindy said...

Sam--the water hits the rocks and just explodes into the air--like fireworks. Very cool to watch...