Monday, March 23, 2009

One of a Kind Fortunes

I'm sure you remember these — fortune tellers. I don't remember what I wrote on mine, but I sure do remember the feeling of moving the fortune teller back and forth, back and forth.

There are fortune tellers all over the house these days. Some are fancy, some are more utilitarian. The one thing they have in common is the creative bent of all of the fortunes. I'm glad these kids can't really predict my future!

You will tirn in to a pootl in one yere.

Your haws will birn dawn in half a awr.

Your hose will growe flawrs awt of it.

Win you ete you will tirn in to a ogre.

You will have nitemerse.

Win you get old you will trn into a hippy.

Win you trn 15 you will tirn into a tode.

A bottle of rootbere will spill on you in 5 secets.

p.s. I love invented spelling. LOVE it.


Jeffro said...
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Jeffro said...

Awesome! Don't you wish you could put your kids on pause forever.

Jeffro said...

Amber says it's a good thing we are fluent in Inventese.

abstowe said...

ummm, are these, by any chance, homescholed children?

Cindy said...

Jeff--I've felt that way since they were 7. 7 was just the most awesome moment in their lives this far. On the other hand, they keep coming up with some pretty cool things.

Andra--why yes they are! And I'm not bothered by invented spelling at all. Although a woman who substituted for Jason's primary class when he was 8 was very very worried about his spelling. Enough to mention it to me & suggest I might need to do something about it!

abstowe said...

hey, you know I am just giving you a hard time, right? Justin spells the same way and he goes to publik skool

Nathan and Margaret said...

How old is the child that was spelling these things???? Props to the kids. I have never seen more creative fortunes. . . .Or would that be curses?????