Sunday, March 15, 2009

WORK, work, WORK

Hey everyone. I just wanted to show some pics of some of our accomplishments. Have fun. Brent says he is planning on making a real decision about jobs tomorrow. Pray for us.

Finally, the red (now brown and splotchy) carpet is gone. In these next few pictures also focus on the radiator cover/bookshelves in the background.

New flooring going into dining room

Dining room finished

New floor, radiator cover and bookshelves redone and finished

New floors throughout the dining room and living room. It needs a good cleaning, but its pretty! Is this a good view from the front door? I need to change up that dining chairs a little. I am thinking of using these chairs with white/cream dining chair slipcovers to cut on cost.

I think I may rent some furniture....I don't know. If I make the love seat match the chair, add some pillows and put down a rug and coffee table and a end table with lamp will these do or should I rent? (I don't' plan on using the computer chair with place mats...don't worry.)


abstowe said...

Just what I have been waiting for! That picuture from your front door looks perfect! I love the dining room and the hutch and did I mention the wood floor?
Here's the question about renting furniture - Would you have to keep renting it until the house sells?

Cindy said...

Actually I think what I would do for the dining room is buy an inexpensive (but nice looking) area rug to go under the table & chairs. That is a very elegant look.

I had no idea you could cover up a radiator like that. Is that really safe? It looks SO COOL!

Jeremy and Maria said...

omg i love your floors!!! I'm a big hardwood floor person.
Staging the house helps it sells but my question is the same as Andra's.

The Stratton Family said...

Andra, I actually went shopping today and got some curtains and a picture that work REALLY well in the living room. I think with the right area rug (I mean bound remnant) that these couches will work pretty nicely. I am glad. Cindy, yes, it is ok to cover a radiator like that, but if we were going to stay I would knock out the bottom panels of wood and put the metal down there too so more hot air could get out into the room. Jeremy, I am glad you like the floors!

Nathan and Margaret said...

I am so waiting for Amber and Nanna to comment on these staging questions!!!! Thats why I didn't comment sooner, because i didn't know! Whatever you do, we are going to want to see ongoing pictures. Of COURSE!!!!

I am guessing for Jeremy and Maria omg means oh my goodness :) In which case I am suggesting a new abreviation. . . omgness!!!!!

Jeremy and Maria said...

I like OMGNESS, it was maria and of of course it meant O my Goodness, too sweet to be vulgar even in abbreviations.

Nanna said...

The house looks fabulous! What hard work you have accomplished!

My suggestion about staging is to get some large area rugs, one for under the dining room table, another for the living room area. (It helps to define the areas and sets them apart.)

Group the couch and love seat around the rug, with a coffee (hot chocolate?) table between, making a cozy conversation space.

Place a tasteful sofa-sized picture, and a grouping of similarly-matted pictures on the walls. Include some green silk plants spaced around the room.

Clear EVERYTHING else away (no nick-nacks or other clutter on any other surface). Maybe include some tasteful wicker baskets.

Clear out your bookcases and have only a very FEW books out. A couple of table lamps flanking each side of the sofa would be good.

See if you have any good friends who will lend you some furniture pieces until you sell the house.

I would love to help with your staging project. I wish I could be there. Send more pictures as you progress, especially in the other rooms. Love you!

somestratt said...

Ramona, I love your suggestions and we are working on them currently. I can't wait until we get far enough to show more pictures.