Saturday, March 21, 2009

Keeping the blog busy

Here is my next installment of "Designed to Sell"

Front Steps Before

Front Steps After (Should I paint them Gray?)

Upstairs hallway...Finally carpeted

Stairs, Railings, Skirt (board that runs down by carpet) and carpet



Nanna said...

Laila, what did you put on your front steps? It looks like some sort of coating that fills in all the cracks. Is that correct? We need to do that on our steps. The cement is deteriorating and is all chipped away from the winter freezing and we haven't known what to do about it. Your house looks fabulous!

abstowe said...

Laila - it all looks wonderful! Are you feeling like I did ? "why did I wait so long to get this done, now that I don't get to enjoy it?"

Nathan and Margaret said...

this is looking amazing!!!!! and just leaves me hungry for more pictures!!!! Soon!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe everything is happening so fast :)

somestratt said...

Ramona, Actually it is just a "Porch and Rail" paint by Glidden that we got at Home depot. Its subbosed to keep from scuffing and wear well. I put two coats and it is great. You can tint it to a bunch of different colors. We did our side steps in grey, but our side steps had a 2 inch hole between the house and first step that I filled first. They look great.

Andra. No,people keep asking me that. But, with it put the way you did I think I understand why. We have been working the whole time we've owned this house, just less like a dogs. We couldn't have done this. Now I am sick of it and ready for a break, even if it means a move.

Marg...patience is a virtue. More when available!!!

Cindy said...

Laila--looks fantastic!