Sunday, June 21, 2009

HELLO from Sunny HOT California

So i've seen an effort to revitalize the blog I realize I have been lacking in posting so here is some love from Sunny California average temp 101 so far

<---------- here we have Adalaigh being beautiful and happy. She is fantastic and sweet. Continues to be a joy to raise.

Here we have Addie laughing which may be the sweetest thing i've experienced ever. You all with kids know what i'm saying, All others. Just wait, it is fantastic

LOVE YOU GUYS Jeremy and Maria


abstowe said...

Baby laughs are definitely one of the best parts of babies. Along with their smell. Ahhhhhh

cindy baldwin said...

Laughing babies are the best!!!

Maria and Jeremy said...

yah she laughs alot now especially when she gets tired. they she just gets so sweet and laughs so easy. she is pretty fantastic.