Sunday, June 21, 2009

the office visitor

behind this door is my office. Sometimes, as my bretheren in days of yore, i spend a bit of time there.
My poor little puppy, he gets so lonely.
The crazy part is: Without the blessing of opposable thumbs, or sufficent height to even reach the door knob, he comes in every time... to make sure i'm okay...
So Says Emily.
So, someone help me out... how did buddy get in??? and does he look guilty or what???


Maria and Jeremy said...

Ok so i've been thinking about your dilemma for days. And as a security professional, If the door is closed the lock sucketh, and he bangs the door till it pops open. other than that I dont see that any normal way would be possible. So my second guess is teleportation through solids. Thus my recommendation. 1) Get stronger lock. 2)Line door with lead paint. 3)Kryptonite of course

I am Sam said...

my guess: an accomplice

Apache Watsons said...

I've heard tell of one "Buddy, the magic dog" around these parts.