Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Park City, Anyone?

I wanted to get a semi-official head count for our short "John Watson Reunion" in Park City August 15th.

Here's the plan:

We have already reserved rooms (mostly poolside) at the Best Western that we usually stay at for Sister's Nite. Awesome Andra got us the incredible rate of $49/room.

The activities of the day include watching the ski aerialists practice at the pool,
And riding the zip line and alpine slide there at the park.Happily, the ride up to the slide & zip is on the chair lifts, and is almost as peaceful as the rides are exciting.The chair lift goes right along side the ski jumps and that's incredible to see.And just in case you are worried that there may be some problem that the management hasn't already thought of...don't worry. They've thought of it!I was thinking that a cost-controlled option for dinner would be to bring costco fixings & charcoal with us and reserve a local park w/bbq for dinner that night.

Breakfast will be (one way or the other) at the hotel the next morning, and then most of us will go to Temple Square. Some will go watch Music & the Spoken Word and some will watch little children. I think they have a theater in the Conference Center that you can watch it in if you've got little kids with you. Then we can walk around and (of course) take some pictures after.

Here are the ride prices for budgetary planning purposes:

Alpine Slide--$15, 2nd ride $7
Alpine Slide w/child 3-7-- $20, 2nd ride, $3 (I'm not exactly sure about that...)
Long Zipline (100lbs +) --$20, 2nd ride $10
Short Zipline (hooray--50lb +) --$15, 2nd ride $7

There are also ride combos that save a little bit of money, but I'm not sure you can get the 2nd ride deal if you've bought a combo. Last summer Russ & I both rode the slide & the long zipline twice and it was tons of fun. We've told our kids that we're going to pay for them to each ride the slide and a zipline, and we're encouraging them to save money so that they can pay for a 2nd ride themselves.

What do you think? It's not the beach, but it will still be loads of fun! Val, Marg, can we tempt you to Utah for a weekend???


abstowe said...

We will be there. Bob and I will budget for each of our children to ride one ride. If they want more than that, I guess they will have to save their own money, as we seem to have less than none! I will just tell them their rich cousins are spoiled......

Cindy said...

Sorry, Andra--we weren't really thinking when we made that promise! One thing you could do is pay for a big child to ride the alpine slide with a little child--therefore getting a ride for 2 kids for $10 each? Just a thought...

abstowe said...

sorry, was in a sarcastic mood this morning. I think that is actually a great idea, sending them down together. Heaven knows there are enough of them!!!

Grant Watson said...

I'll pass it by the boss. Much more doable than a 2K Myrtle Beach weekend sleeping on the kitchen floor.

Cindy said...

Grant, you should know we never have anyone sleeping on the kitchen floor when we go to the beach. An odd kid or two on the couch, perhaps. But no one in the kitchen!

somestratt said...

I'll be there...but I am more there at the next beach trip. Grant, I have always had a bed, shared only with Brent!

Jeremy said...

Jeremy and Maria

Srry wont be there. Jeremy is busy flying around the world and will hopefully see his wife one day. Also we be's trying to get some money so we will deff be there for next Beach trip. We love you all

AmShaZam said...

Count Jeff and I in- we're planning on it!

Yeah, seriously Grant. Come to the beach and experience its wonders...then you can talk!

Apache Watsons said...

We'll be there. And maybe one of these days, the beach. Although I think a Destin florida trip might be mo betta.

Jeffro said...

Does this thing start on the 14th or are we planning on staying through Sunday?