Friday, June 5, 2009

Like the Jeffersons:

So, I've been working with Firestone for about 7 months now.
I was hired as a "Manager Protege". That's company speak for "do you think he'll make it???"
In My company, there are lots of rules, and they basically know how to make a store profitable. unfortunately, there are those managing stores sometimes that don't believe that the moneys spent on making it work quite apply to them. So, As things change, they need to update some of the management.

This is only my understanding of the situation. Another possibility is that in the past 2 months, we have gotten busier and busier. Under those circumstances, you can adopt the Walgreen's philosophy and open up another store around the corner. So, as things get busier, we'll need another manager for the store around the corner.
Either way, 3 out of 10 that they hire to my program will turn into managers.
As part of their rule book, you hire me, train me in each of the job categories,
and let me loose in my own store.
This month we'll open up a new store. My current manager will go up there. My co-worker, who has been with the company about 2 years, will take over as manager in my store.
Caleb has decided i've been service manager for long enough, and will take over as the Manager of Tire Sales, the other front position.
Makes sense to me.
That means i get to learn new responsibilities that will enable me to manager better. Nice, eh?
Think it'll be funny when we enable a few of the "should be doings" like our "Operation Out" where the guy in my spot spends 4 hours a week contacting fleets owners and service centers to help them sell our tires and service?
I don't know about to the rest of you, but to me, this sounds very cool.
It also sounds like the step i was ready to take, in the time i felt ready to take it.


abstowe said...

yay sam!
Hopefully the new title comes with some extra $$$!

somestratt said...

I think that sounds great. Any upward movement that you are happy with is good. So, when can we come up and bring dinner?