Monday, July 13, 2009

Best Places to Live, 2009 Edition

1. Louisville, CO
Courtesy: City of Louisville
Top 100 rank: 1Population: 18,800Typical single-family house: $325,000 Estimated property taxes: $1,590 Unemployment rate: 6.0% (county) Fun fact: Rail service to Boulder and Denver is scheduled to begin in 2017.Pluses: Hiking, biking, golfing, skiing…Minuses: No major negatives (That’s why it’s No. 1!)
Some towns nestled along the Rockies are full of pretentious eco-hipsters. Not Louisville. Ice cream shops dot the historic downtown. Families grab burgers at the cozy Waterloo Café. A Friday-night street fair, with a beer garden, live music, and games for the kids, runs all summer. No wonder this down-to-earth town has appeared high on Money's Best Places list before--and on many others.
It's also weathering the economic downturn well. Robust industries in the area, such as high tech, energy, and health care, make county unemployment among the lowest in the state.
But the top reason residents give for moving here? The great outdoors. Louisville is laced with nearly 30 miles of trails, Rocky Mountain National Park is less than an hour away, and eight world-class ski resorts are within two hours. The town's schools are highly rated as well.
Add in dry, clear weather, little crime, good health care, and low taxes, and Louisville is pretty tough to beat.


abstowe said...

Dude - I hate to tell you, but you JUST moved AND bought a house!

somestratt said...

I was saying that for vals benefit. I am fine in UT

Cindy said...

Except that it's Louisville, Colorado, and not Louisville, Kentucky!

somestratt said...

OH MY! How did I miss that! No wonder why Andra missed that I was referring to val!!!

Lets all go live in a combine

Nathan and Margaret said...

I thought that was funny. I cought on when it said towns in the midwest, which I know is not where kentucky is!!!!

Apache Watsons said...

Having been them parts, I can attest to the beauty thereof. However, giving the choice and chance, other than maybe Monterey, I'd choose Gunnison, Co. I drove though it in an 18 wheeler and was totally impressed. There was a sign that said, winner of the Presidential Silver City award, and while wondering what that could mean, I was awestruck by how perfect everything was, nestled in the mountains with crisp, clear lakes all around. Mountain paradise.