Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nighttime air show

In a little less than two weeks we will close on our new house! I am really excited. Very near this new house is a really small municipal airport. A month or so ago our family got to go and tour Ben's helicopters. It was very informative and fun. I asked him if he would ever have a chance to fly to "our" small airport and he said probably not, because it is in the Salt Lake City airport vacinity.

Well, yesterday he called and said that they were going to come to that small airport after all. So, at about 8:00 we packed up in the van and parked right at the end of the runways. We saw a plane and another helicopter practicing, and then we went and got some treats at a close gas station (the kids have to learn about their new neighborhood, right?)

When we got back to the airport and parked once again VERY close to the end of the runways we were not disappointed when soon enough along came Bens Apache. He was kind enough to land right at our end of the runway, and do a nice little manauver complete with a wave. Then he and the co-pilot? continued to practice, and we continued to enjoy it! Every time they would go right over our heads Joshy would grab Brents face and say "Lets do it again, just one more time!" All the kids were really excited.

The best part was when Ben came down one runway, turned at a 90degree to cross over to the other runway, and then went back down that runway...sideways! The very very best part of this move was when all the dust, debris, grass, etc started flying towards us. Our van is now a museum of these things attesting to our nightime fun!

The only unfortunate part is that I only had my cell phone camera, and I can't send anyone the pics. So, when we are together remember to ask me to see the cool pictures we got.

Thanks Ben!!!


AmShaZam said...

That's so cool!

Cindy said...

That is awesome! We are visiting Ben and I'm sure he's not going to pull out his Apache for us!!

Apache Watsons said...

He sounds like a really great guy! And what a job! I bet you he was doing low level accelerations, when they pretend they are power limited because they are too heavy, and they come screaming across the runway up to a hundred miles an hour before they say, " Hey, there's a 100 ft (or better yet 300') barricade," and they shoot up straight into the sky. Totally cool! And lateral hovers (to blow all the fresh cut grass back off the runway) are always a crowd pleaser. Shame on you for not filming those foos with a real camera.

Hey Care! said...

Hey, if that guy EVER tells me he is coming back I will be there with the video camera FULLY charged!