Thursday, July 23, 2009

a trip to my "vacation home"

Since I've had some people complain that I didn't tell them the last times I was in the hospital, I thought I'd post on here and let everyone know that, once again, I am in for a stay at my beautiful Salt Lake City vacation home! I am in the University Hospital in room 243 on 2 East. I'll be in for at least 2 weeks (so the earliest I would get out would be the 6th).


abstowe said...

Do you have all of your gear this time? Sewing machine - check, Personal library - check, Craft projects - check, Years supply of Chocolate - check. Hope the girls and I can work out a time to come see you again!

cindy baldwin said...

I have books... Mahon is bringing my sewing machine. I need to find myself some chocolate, though!