Thursday, July 23, 2009

my new home guardian weapon

Somewhere on this huge internet, i came across a picture since lost.
I have discovered how to protect our modest posessions.

Practicing Urban Assualt Drills.

the other kind of daschund gun


Cindy said...

LOL!!! Buddy looks huge!

Maria and Jeremy said...

hahaha oh that was great.

somestratt said...

Hmm, anyone thinking what I am thinking??? About the "anatomy" of guns? Enough said.

Russ said...

LOL Laila, I was going to post something about not having his finger on the trigger, but thought I shouldn't. I guess you broke the ice!

somestratt said...

Russ, my exact thoughts, and I started writing it, but thought I could probably think of a "better" way to phrase it!

I am Sam said...

we call that his wii.
its the proper way to refer to mr. buddikins privates.