Monday, March 24, 2008

The blog is not dead...long live the blog!

I haven't posted lately and I've been so happy to see that everyone else has been posting! First I didn't post because Mahon came to visit and we were busy with him here and went to the beach for 2 days. Then I didn't post because for some reason all of the pictures ended up on CL's computer from our hiking trip and beach trip. I finally got those a couple of days ago and down below is a really fun video of the girls from our trip. Now mind you this was early March and it was 60 degrees tops when we were there--not too warm!

Then I couldn't post because Russ had to reformat my computer and reinstall everything because I was having some problems. Then I couldn't post because Russ had to reformat CL's computer too, but while doing so the mother board died. So CL was without a computer for the better part of a week and I, being the kind mother that I am, let her use my computer a lot while hers was dead. Thank goodness for that extended warrenty.

Lastly, I've been sewing up a storm. Here is a picture of the little kids--the girls in dresses I made last week. Right now I'm working on the first bridesmaid dress, and I have 2 other bridesmaid dresses, 2 flower girl dresses, 2 baptism dresses, and something else that I can't remember, to get done before the middle of July. That's a lot of sewing! Thank goodness for Ramona--she's making 3 others so that I don't have to worry about them!

And somewhere in there has been some homeschool and some cooking and the never ending laundry. So there you have it. My really exciting life.

Hey--new movie recommendation for everyone. CL and I watched "The Queen" the other day while I was sewing. It's about the Queen the week that Tony Blair is put in as prime minister and Diana dies, and it was fascinating. Kind of slow starting, and hard to try to figure out who's who, but it was really so interesting to watch. I could see why it got an Oscar for leading actress--she was just incredible.

Well I'm off to exercise and then back on the treadmill that is my life!


Jeannie said...

Your triplets look so cute put together and matching for easter! I am glad we ended up meeting you last month, it was fun!

Quit showing pictures of the is making me want to go!

AmShaZam said...

Yes. The beach pictures make me extremely jealous! And Elaina can hardly wait to play with Jenna and Rachel this summer!

Cindy said...

Jeannie--COME TO THE DARK SIDE!!! I mean the BEACH!! ;)

Amber, my kids can't wait to see all of the cousins. It's the one thing that I don't like about living in NC--that we see the Utah cousins so rarely...