Monday, March 10, 2008

Further convincing: Why Beach?

Airline Tickets to the East Coast : $200-300/per person
A Room in the Beach house: $250 shared - $500 not shared (subject to my memory)
One new bathing suit - $10-$50
One day of feeding the whole crowd - $100-200
Memories and experiences like these with your family - Priceless

So, just a few reasons why i like to go to the beach.
1- A week with a lot less work. I mean for both men and women. The guys get off work, and the women get to share the housework with everyone else, rather than doing it all alone
2- Silly games played way too late at night!!! Believe it or not, but this sign game can be pretty dang funny when it is played too late!
3 - The ability to ride big inflatable whales and not feel like a geek. Somehow, the beach lets you act like a child without feeling silly.
4 - All of the bro's and sisters get to be together, just remember how much fun we had at Jeremy's wedding, and all the grandkids get the whole week to play, play, play. This also means an easier time for the parents because the kids keep each other VERY occupied. Ahhhh....
5 - Boogy boarding, ocean kayaking, wading in the surf, floating "beyond the breakers", yoga on beach in the early morning sunlight, sand castles, laying out in the sun, outdoor showers (completely enclosed mind you!) naps anytime, beach stores, other people cooking your meals, Gett-toes, sea shells, kite flying, frisbee..... can I say anymore? Really, if you can feel free to further convince!


Cindy said...

Ok, you make it sound so good--I am ready to go!!

(I will admit I don't take much convincing, though....)

abstowe said...

Oh, that I could find those pictures on the alligators! But alas, they are packed in a box....somewhere.

somestratt said...

That picture of late night games is not of the sign game but of "ei mo su" or maybe it was "so da cu" or maybe "brt soo ko".

Jefe may need to clear this up.


AmShaZam said...

You had me at ghet-toes!! And Jeff's crazy game is "oh, sa, ku!" I can hardly wait!!