Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Poses to Practice Before Coming to the Beach

Let's get serious about Yoga on the Beach '08. It sounds like Jeremy has been limbering up, so here are some other poses for you to practice, for the viewing pleasure of all other beachcomers.

Jenny- I held my first free handstand in class today! (for like, 8 seconds) I've been going to It's Yoga, so I can one day be a great yogini like you!


somestratt said...

Can I just say Wow and no, I don't think i will be doing that on the beach. Now because it doesn't look neat, but I already tried the first pose and am completely unable to pull it off, much less these new ones!

Sam.. and Emily said...

might i add:
Not so much. no. not me.

I have a friend we call Vog that might be intrested in contortionism... uh... i mean yoga like that.
Do many 6'4" plump guys achieve the zen of these yoga positions?

and Wow.

Cindy said...

Amber--wow! Those are the coolest pictures! Did Jeff take them?

I remember watching Sunny & Luz and Peggy (and you?) do yoga out on the beach one morning and thinking that it looked like a great concept. But one that I was going to pass on. And Peggy could hardly move the next morning!

If I can hardly move the next morning I want it to be because I've been pummeled by an alligator! ;)