Thursday, March 13, 2008

game recommendation

So, Jeremy knows that i like flash games. I find them to be simplicity and awesome wastes of my time. i found one that i think the twins would like, and more than just them. Jeremy has become an addict too. here's an attempt to a link and pic.

Canyon Defense



AmShaZam said...

Speaking of Rexburg...we're going to be in Rexburg tomorrow evening. (Friday the 14th) Will the Sam and Emily and Jeremy and Maria households be around? We'll be in I.F. for the weekend, so let us know!

Jeremy and Maria said...

Yah well be here. And yes the game is awesome you should all try it.

abstowe said...

I have to admit liking one online game in the last 10 or 12 years, thanks to Marg!!! Cakemania. It is fun and a real challenge. I finally beat it after about a month and am now back to a no game me!

Josh said...

I played that forever... it was alot better than the last ripoff of one of those I tried to play!