Monday, March 10, 2008

Twisted Relationship!!!!!

So here is the strange and not so beautiful relationship between our dog and cat. I thought you all would maybe like to see this!!!! It is positively NUTS. Can you guess what is going on?
They are happy, and very very friendly. Anyone got it yet?

So you guessed it! This is my very adult cat nursing on my also adult and not (previously) lactating dog. After being nursed on for a while by the cat, the dog did actually start making milk!!! And now we think the dog has mastitis, because perhaps dogs aren't supposed to be nursed on by cats!!!! We are keeping the cat out of the house, and thinking we might have to take drastic action!


Jeremy and Maria said...

Well on the supposition side. We drink cow milk. Which is a much larger breed of mammal so I dont think that it will kill the Cat. But it is none the less very strange to see and slightly disturbing.

Cindy said...

I am also disturbed. And grossed out. What on earth is that cat thinking? And what is the dog thinking? That's what I want to know!

somestratt said...

Just so you know, I cant even talk about this with Marg without feeling queasy!

somestratt said...

Several thoughts:
1) If that was not too disturbing for network TV you have a potential AFH entry. Unfortunately, it probably would only air on a TV show we wouldn't watch.

2) The movie "Meet the Fockers" where Ben Stiller talks about his childhood milking cats is loosly based on a true family known to us as the Paces.

3) That cat and Benjamima will probably want to conspire together about the evils of bovine growth hormone.


AmShaZam said...

This was wrong on many levels. And the above quote about us drinking cow milk made it NO better.

Apache Watsons said...

Your cat is evil and a fornicator! And your dog is disturbed and would run away with painted dogs! I shall condemn them to hell for their evil trickery!

Um, can anybody tell where the quotes are modified from? Don't let me down, fellas.

Jeffro said...

Was that the Salman Rushdie skit on SNL or the Bible Thumpers?