Saturday, June 7, 2008

Black Bear, Black Bear, What Do You See?

I see the Rays,
Looking for me!

No, before you get excited I did *not* take this picture in our yard today. But not because I didn't have a black bear in my yard! We came home from the swim meet and Russ & I laid down for naps. (100 degree temps at the meet made for some tired & sunburned parents...) We hadn't been laying there even 5 minutes when there was someone POUNDING on our door and ringing the doorbell over & over. I thought it was the neighbor and was really irritated. Then I heard one of the kids open the door and my neighbor yelled "Is everyone in the house? There's a black bear running up the street!" Well that got me right out of bed!

It turns out that a bear had run out from between her house & the house on the other side, and then had gone down my driveway and into the woods while she was pounding on our door. She was afraid while she was checking on our kids that it was going to decide to come get her!

Russ said that he heard on the news that a black bear was seen in North Raleigh last week, so maybe this bear is trying to make his way to the mountains. I just hope it's not hanging out in my back yard!!!


somestratt said...

Oh my...and I am worried about girls camp! So, is the picture a google? I really hope you never see him again.

Nathan & Margaret said...

That is so wierd! And very scary if your kids were out playing!!! Well, soon they will catch him and release him back into the wild. Or something like that. Whew

abstowe said...

There was a huge bear problem last year up in Santaquin canyon and Payson canyon. When our girls went to camp they were allowed to have NO food at the cabins, not even snacks, treats or gum. What a bummer!
Wasn't half the fun of girls camp seeing how much junk food you could pack in with you? And they all had to cook and eat in the lodge. Uggh!
On the upside - none of them got eaten by a bear, so I guess it worked.
Hey Cindy - try not throwing your leftovers out the back, ok?

Cindy said...

LOL--I'll have to stop throwing the table scraps out the back door!

The picture really is from google--the neighbors are the only ones that saw the bear. But Rachel really had told me about 20 minutes before that she was going to play outside, and I told her that being outside for 4 hours in the 100 degree heat was enough and that she could watch a movie while I took my nap. Who knows if that was inspiration (or perspiration!) but I'm very grateful for it!

Cindy said...

WHAT THE HECK!!! That is insane! Where on earth did it come from???

Nathan & Margaret said...

Those rules for girls camp is exactly what we have. Not even a breath mint is alowd in the cabins! And everything is cooked and eaten in the dining hall. The girls do cook a few campfire things in their certification groups.

Cindy said...

I ran into my neighbor in the grocery store and found out that I was wrong--the bear was not passing through on his way to somewhere else. The bear was spotted in the neighborhood yesterday and several times today!!!! And I, not knowing this, made my little kids walk to the pool tonight while I wasn't home! Thankfully they made it ok.

I wish I could arrange for the bear to eat my neighbor's overly barky dog--this would kill two birds with one stone. Get rid of the barking dog and make animal control come get rid of the bear!