Friday, June 20, 2008

I can't stand it!!!!! I am about ready to self destruct. I have been trying to get this room painted for 3 weeks. And this is the resulting mess!!!!!
Three weeks you ask???? Yes indeedy!!! I will tell you the steps. Wet wallpaper with boiling soap water. Peel wallpaper, wash wall with boiling soapy water, scrape wallpaper paste gunk, wash wall with boiling soapy water, calk seams, mudd cracks, sand, prime and then finally paint,

But the their are the trim and the ceiling that have to be done before I can move the chaos back to where everything belongs!!!! It is making me nuts!!!!!


abstowe said...

The color of the paint is really beautiful, and given time, all will be put away again. When you are finished, in another couple of weeks. Yikes - by the way - when you do a project, you do a BIG project!

Nathan & Margaret said...

thanks for the understanding! Very very apreciated.

Cindy said...

Oh my word--Margaret! What a frustrating project to have to have right in your main living space! But I of course *love* the color!!