Friday, June 6, 2008

A little something for everyone!

Here are some pics that I thought you all would appreciate. Hope it makes your day a little bit brighter!

A little bit of itchy goodness (aka poison ivy) for Jeff and Jeremy....

A cute beachy outfit for Cindy

And FRESH salad greens, spinach, and peas, strait from my own garden, for anyone who likes gardening, or salad!


Jeremy and Maria said...

Lai, somehow I knew that picture post was from you even before I say your manchild. and when i get poision ivy or oak, it puts that poor picture to shame.

somestratt said...

Yeah, this is not a bad case at all. Definitely not contact ivy, I think I probably got it off a tool or some gloves that had touched the ivy. I only knew it was ivy because of the early stripping dots. Yes, I can deal with this kind, except that it is on the inside of my elbow, so it really itches when I move! My man child is cute isn't he!

Jeannie said...

I think Jake wouldn't even worry about that poison ivy.
Your baby is cute!
Is Spinach easy to grow?
Are those sugar snap peas?

somestratt said...

Jeannie, thanks! Yes, spinach was very easy to grow, however, I am not sure if they do as well planted in the warm weather. Might as well try. I know that lettuce seeds must be chilled in order to start growing, and that after temps get around 80d regularly they will send out seed and go bitter. We did sq ft. gardening, where we made a soil mix, instead of planting in our ground, which made it easy to know that our lettuces weren't weeds. Otherwise, I'd be eating weeds. We got the book on Square Foot gardening by Mel Bartholomew and have learned alot. Yes, they are sugar snap peas. We did those and sweet peas too! Yeay for successful gardening!

Cindy said...

I really liked the square foot gardening book. Back in the day when I had sunlight to have a garden!

Jeannie, I planted lettuce & spinach last year in my flower pots about 6 weeks before it was warm enough to put the pots in them. It worked great & I really enjoyed all of the different lettuces. (I bought a packet that was a mix & not just one type.)

I'm inspired by your pictures, Laila--I'll have to post some pictures of my "garden" later. I think that next year I want to try sugar snap peas!

somestratt said...

Cindy, your tomato pots were the best, especially that one on the driveway!