Monday, June 30, 2008

Smithfield Burglaries

It's true, folks. There were at least 40 homes burglarized in one night, and they were all in our Ward boundaries. The guys really had a thing going - two would enter homes that were easily accessible, take whatever loot they could carry to the curb, where they would leave it for the other two guys to come by in a pick-up truck and load it up.

The way they caught them? First, one of them left his wallet behind in one of the homes that was burlarized. Second, one of the men in the Ward heard someone in his garage in the middle of the night and went down to see what was going on. (Police STRONGLY advise NOT to do that!!!) Somehow he was able to detain the burglar while his wife called 911. (Actually, when she heard what was happening, she called down to her husband and asked if he wanted her to bring him the gun - they have no gun! But it scared the burgler into sitting still until the police arrived.)

The "caught" burgler ratted on his buddies and they were able to eventually round them all up. End of an exciting story in this otherwise quiet neighborhood.

Yes, we NOW lock our doors, although we hadn't been doing it until the burglaries. By the way, we NEVER locked our doors in Hendersonville until we put it up for sale and the realtor insisted we get a lock box and key. We had to have a key made because we didn't even have a key to the house. Interesting isn't it. We move to down-home, small-town Utah and instantly face the c rime spree of the century!

By the way, when are all y'all coming to visit us? We had a fun time with Andra and Jenny and the kids. Do you guys have pictures to post yet? I'll see if I can get some downloaded for everyone to see how much fun we had.

Love to all. See you at Elaina's baptism Saturday AM!

DAD and Ramona


somestratt said...

I wish we could come visit. Ugh....if only....we...ever....could...move....

I am Sam said...

crime spree of the century??? are you in and the old man getting into politics now???
Thats where the real crime happens, in my opinion...

Grant Watson said...

Speaking of politics, vote for me for dictator for life. I'll keep penalties simple and effective. Whatever means you use to perpetrate the crime, you will not have the rights to use again. If they can remember how after their organs keep better men alive.