Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Genealogy Info

OK Folks,

I have it almost completed, but there is still some info I'm missing on some of your families. Anyone who supplies me with their complete info will get a copy of the full family file. How's that! Here's what I'm missing:

Margaret: I need Lincoln's and Isaac's place of birth (City, County and State)

Jenny: I need your place of birth (City, County, and State)

Grant and Sage: I need your marriage date.

Sam and Emily: I need your date of marriage, and Emily's year of birth as well as place of birth. Also, your parent's full names (Mom's maiden name).

Cindy Lynn and Mahon: I need Mahon's information: date and place of birth, BIC?, Parent's full names (Mom's maiden name)

I have everything else. There's a prize for whomever gets me their info first!

Love to all,



abstowe said...

I guess I get the prize because you already have all my info?

somestratt said...

Hey, andra "stold" (for amber) my comment!

Cindy said...

date and place of birth, BIC?, Parent's full names (Mom's maiden name)

Date: Nov 9, 1983
Place: Rexburg, ID
Victor Eugene Baldwin
Kathrine Kaye Olsen

Cindy said...

actually his mother's name is spelled Katherine... sorry about that.

Jeannie said...

Do you have the info from Aunt Pam?
Kate is doing a research/temple activity and I keep telling her there is a great paper somewhere with a long line of geneology!

Apache Watsons said...

Jenny was born in St. George, UT. Washington County