Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This week, one of my customers (a repeat customer, if you can believe that) came in to inquire about the location of an under hood component.
He opened his laptop and what he was searching for a place to make a connection for his home made hydrogen production facility.
I kid you not, this guy told me that he got 300 miles on his scooter on 1/2 a gallon of fuel, + his hydrogen producer. this up from 75 stock.
I got the book he's working from.
My question is this: With all the inteligence that surfs this blog... Who believes it's possible? and who will be in line if it does work?
(in the voice of the Next Weeks Narriator:) Will Sam make his jeep get 30 mpg(current 20) will there be an explosion???
Now, seriously... is there any science to this? could it actually work?


Grant Watson said...

One of my buddies at work was talking about a guy that installs 1000 dollar devices which convert conventional gas to hydrogen with higher than believable gas mileage. Possible, sure. This would be great for the world for sure.

abstowe said...

Bob says....
He and a buddy at work are building them just to see if it can indeed be done. He says the water left over is contaminated, so there has to be a way to take car of the water when you are finished with it.
Robby also built a unit recently that was separating out the hydrogen.
Bob also says that you have to modify the computer a lot to make it actually run on less gas.

I am Sam said...

I'm reading the document that i have downloaded on it. Looks like a new (post 97) car would give fits. good thing mine is an 89, and one of the simplest computer control systems ever used on a vehicle...

For Bob: can you figure how a Speed density intake system (jeep cherokee) would differ from a Mass air flow system in this regard?

I wonder what kind of contaminated it would be... the left over water, i mean... baking soda, a bit of electricity through some stainless steel plating... good forethought to be sure, though.

Jeremy and Maria said...

Its probably chocked full of 0'3 Ozone. if You shuck all the hydrogen out of Ho2 your gonna get 0 02 or 03 and if its contaminated its 03 my guess. 03 is in heavy dosages a carsinagen so... yah.

I am Sam said...

jeremy, way to be there with the chemistry... i have to think you'd be closer than i expected... just one more thing...
where the heck did THAT come from??? come on man.. O3, ozone, the carcinigen???
uh... impressive.